How to Beat the Roulette Game and Casino

Most gamblers when they play at casinos want to find some effective way to take the betting money and defeat the house. Not many who have achieved but if we can name a few cases where players have sought to beat the game of roulette and have succeeded.
To begin and perhaps with one of the oldest anecdotes we have the one of Mr. Joseph Jagger’s, in the 1870s, which had half a dozen assistants who collaborated in one of the hardest hits that have received a house of games in the famous Monte Carlo.
There, he tried successfully to beat the roulette game and took with him the sum of more than 300 thousand USD. To do that Mr. Jaggers did what he did was to take advantage of an imbalance that had the roulette.

The history of the shoe to beat the game of roulette

Continuing with the stories of people who have tried and succeeded in winning the game of roulette we find in more recent times, in the year 1970, the group is known as Eu-daemons.

These hackers what they did was put together the technology of a computer and the naturalness of a shoe to have a device that would serve to predict the winning numbers.

In this way and thanks to the ingenuity of these hackers could finally take nothing less than about 10 thousand USD with them.

But although this history is of less value than the previous one it is possible to emphasize the ingenuity that these people had to invent this system and especially the time that they invested to do it. It is said that about two years were taken to create this device.

Technology to beat the game of roulette

Another of the most recent cases, in 2004, in Britain 3 people, a woman, and two men, used the best technology to beat roulette and casino.

These people used the technology of their mobile and also a laser tracker, which they incorporate into the phone, to obtain the information of the winning numbers of roulette.

What they did was to point with the mobile to the roulette and with the use of a computer, they obtained the information of the numbers and thus bet.

With this device, the two men and the woman earned more than one million British Pounds. But the casino people surprised by so much luck did not let this happen as if nothing u what they did was to review their security record very well.

The moment they did, they realized how they were winning and called the authorities. Finally and after many investigations, the money was delivered to them and they were released since there was no legal way to strip them of it.

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